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LoveRecovery is the place to be to find others who prefer the benefits of a sober & drug free relationship or those wishing to meet like minded souls when visiting a new area.

Join the LoveRecoveryClub now and subscribe for as little as £5.99 per month to receive all the added benefits.

If, like us, you're bored with dating apps with an endless stream of pint glass holding, NSA and often fake profiles, then... LoveRecovery is set to be THE place to be to find others who prefer the benefits of a real life sober & drug free relationship!

Brought to you by people who don't drink or use drugs, for people already in recovery or simply drug and AF (alcohol free) and for those with a desire for the happiness that a sober and drug free life can bring you. With our sanity, enjoyment and laughter hopefully restored, we are now looking to fulfil all that the gift of recovery and sobriety has given us.

For those of you in 12 step recovery programmes, you know that meetings provide an anonymous, safe haven for anyone interested in solving their own drinking or using problems, as well as helping others to recover. What they are not is a place to find or recover lost love as a result of our histories. This is where we hope that LoveRecovery will fit into your clean and sober life.

Helping all AF and people in recovery from drink/drugs to meet people with the same ethos and find those who prefer the benefits of a sober relationship or simply like minded people for friendship when visiting a new area!

Everyone has the right to love and be loved so make our LRClub your destination for love and friendship and finding that like minded person that you deserve.
Download the app today and see all that this site has to offer to enhance your onward journey in LoveRecovery.

LRClub Benefits

Join the LRClub to receive your discount code for the fabulous array of black, green and herbal infusion teas from Flint Tea! We've tried the amazing organic, ethically sourced tea that does what it says on the tin! TEA EXTRAORDINARY!

Find out how to connect with fellow musicians and singers through the 'LRClub Sober Sessions' page to meet people who realise that there is more to jamming than the stereotype.

Join our 'Serenity Image Sharing' page, give others the gift of your captured moments. Spread the joy and share the love.

NB: In keeping with the spirit of 12 Step recovery Traditions, where public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; with the need to always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films. As well as, anonymity being the spiritual foundation of all the traditions, ever reminding people to place principles before personalities. We respectfully ask that anyone using this service refrains from posting any members’ images or personal details on any social networking site without written prior consent from the person. Whilst anonymity is a personal choice, you could break the anonymity of others by doing so.