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LoveRecovery is the place to be to find others who prefer the benefits of a sober & drug free relationship or those wishing to meet like minded souls when visiting a new area.

Who are we? Why are we here?

The LoveRecovery App and online LRClub is set to be the best and only really mindful dating and connection app for men and women who are simply alcohol/drug free or in recovery from alcohol and drugs, who are seeking friendship, fellowship and/or monogamous long-term relationships. This is not a place for casual hook ups or finding someone to 'fix' you! We've all hopefully spent enough time concentrating on ourselves, getting well and spiritually fit enough to be able to enter into friendships and potential relationships. Keeping life in the day, one day at a time.

Brought to you by people who don't drink or use drugs, for people already in recovery or simply drug and AF (alcohol free) and for those with a desire for the happiness that a sober and drug free life can bring you. With our sanity, enjoyment and laughter hopefully restored, we are now looking to fulfil all that the gift of recovery and sobriety has given us.

Helping all AF and people in recovery from drink/drugs to meet people with the same ethos and find those who prefer the benefits of a sober relationship or simply like minded people for friendship when visiting a new area!

Having said all of the above, this also could be your perfect destination of choice when visiting a new town or moving to a new area, what better way could there be to meet like minded AF/drug free people, or if in recovery, find new meetings to attend and continue on the happy sober and clean road to destiny!

Download the app today and see all that this site has to offer to enhance your onward journey in LoveRecovery.


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